Monday, August 25, 2008

Miss you Shirley

I already miss you Shirley. As you know, I was out of contact for the past two weeks while trekking and only learned of what happened two days ago. You were still suppose to be there when I got back. We were becoming good friends out here in this lost land. When you told me you were also moving to Kabul, I was so excited to have someone I knew out here. You were the closest person I knew here. I keep rerunning the our last moments, the dinners, the parties, your constant smile (and your sarcastic remarks about Californians). Now that I just returned to K-town, I really feel alone out here without you. We were going through this Afghanistan thing together. I still can't make sense of the whole thing. I am both deeply sad and extremely furious about the whole incident. Who's going to IM me 'good morning' everyday? who's going to drag me out for social events? It's hard for me to continue to design schools here, it's changed my vision on the project. But I know you would tell me keep going.

One moment I love was the night before I left on my trip, we met up for dinner and you told me you came straight from an aerobics class and didn't have time to shower and change and that you were sweaty and smelly and then said with a big smile, "but that's me!"

You were suppose to celebrate my birthday with me this week. I was suppose to share with you my photos and stories of my African trekking trip.

I will miss you tremendously -- I already do.

Shirley Lynne Case
4 October 1977 - 13 August 2008

This should never happen again.
New York Times
Vancouver Sun
IRC's statement regarding the incident