Sunday, November 09, 2008


Because of the US elections, this post regarding my resent trip to Bamiyan is late. What a place, I can’t imagine another field mission being as beautiful as this one! We spent eight days up in the mountainous province located right smack in the center of Afghanistan.

We flew up from Kabul in an old Soviet MI8 helicopter, weird it having the USAID logo all over it, and landed in the historic Bamiyan Valley, you can see the 1700 year old Buddha niches carved right into the cliffs from the landing strip.

While getting on the helicopter I bumped into my friend who was also going up there on a completely unrelated trip - small world.

After touching base with the New Zealand Army’s PRT base, we went to check out the Buddhas in the evening.

From Bamiyan valley we did a three-day trip to Yakewlang district, out in the far western parts of the province. And then later north to Kahmard District.

Some highlights of the field mission (Shirley, these pics are for you!):

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