Sunday, July 17, 2011

918 miles from Cambridge, MA to Cincinnati, OH

Drove 15 hours and over 900 miles. Grabbed coffee at Dunkin Donuts one last tine before leaving Massachusetts. Plowed through Connecticut. Skipped across New York State at its almost narrowest. crossed the vast ranges of uninhabited hills and forest during the 5 hours of trans-Pennsylvania crossing and finally amazed at fireflies along the freeway as evening set in while crossing Ohio.

Leaving Massachusetts for Connecticut and then into New York.

Passing Scranton, PA

and finally, Cincinnati, OH

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Cube is on its way

Our (the front one) ReloCube (Relocation cubes by ABF U-Pack) leaves Aberdeen Court in Cambridge, MA and sets off on its 3300 mile (5300km) trip to the Bay Area. Using ReloCubes was about a $1000 cheaper than PODS for the same size and distance. Once in California, we will reorganize, put some in storage and set up the the rest to be picked up by Crown Relocations to be shipped to New Zealand.


Monday, July 11, 2011

The Road Home

3304 miles (5317km)

A - Leave Boston, MA

B - Pass by the start of Interstate 80 in the New York City Metro Area and start following it westward to San Francisco.

see amazing New Jersey

C - overnight in Cincinnati, OH

Eat BBQ in Louisville, KY

D - Pass by the St. Louis Arch

Photograph the Arch from the freeway

E - camp somewhere in Nebraska

Look at flat land and corn

F - camp near the Great Salt Lake

Check out the salt flats

G - Arrive in the San Francisco Bay Area