Sunday, March 04, 2007

Mount Aspiring

Mt. Aspiring's summit

Bonar Glacier, laying at the base of Aspiring

It's been a while since I've made an entry in my blog. Last week I was on RnR (what we call a mandatory break) so I headed south and east to New Zealand for Mount Aspiring. Jay (from San Francisco) and I went on a climbing trip to try to summit this mountain located in the Southern Lakes region of South Island. We didn't summit, but we weren't disappointed either. It was an amazing trip! The most amazing so far for me!! We met up in Christchurch and drove to Wanaka, under warm clear skies, where we staged the trip. Mount Aspiring may be under 10,000feet, but it's a hard mountain. And one of the most beautiful I've seen. And the hot and clear weather, which is rare for New Zealand, helped a lot too.

Jay and I at Lake Pukaki

Volta Glacier

Lake Pukaki

Jay climbing Shipowner Ridge

(photo by Jay Pisano)
Me climbing the Northwest Ridge

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