Saturday, March 10, 2007

Indonesia's aviation safety, or lack there of

I can say one thing. I don't know another country that has a higher track record with airline crashes than Indonesia. Starting in 2005, an Adam Air plane crashed shortly after take off from Medan, it crashes into a neighborhood creating an inferno, everybody on board dies, many on the ground as well. Another Adam Air disappears over the Java Sea, later found, everybody died. And yet another Adam Air plane has a hard landing and snaps off its landing gear, lucky no one dies. And most resent, a Garuda Indonesia Airlines plane lands too hard and fast snapping the plane in half and exploding into a fireball after skidding off into a rice paddy field in Yogyakarta. The last three crashes happened with in the past two and a half months.

The president decides to half the max age a plane can be from 20 years to 10 years, avoiding the real problem in general all over Indonesia: Maintenance!!! I'm getting pretty disgusted with this country's lack of maintenance on everything. They just don't see the effort paying off. The government isn't taking responsibility for its actions either. If all the crashes we had since the start of this year were due to pilot error, then they need to train them better, because something is NOT working!

Wish me luck; I'm flying Garuda next Friday.

the lastest crash in Yogyakarta
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