Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bon Voyage / Farewell Party Photos

Yes, I'm wearing a pink tie, pink is the new black.

Albert, and yes we are happy to have beers.

Joycelyn, you're always so huggable.

Ann, why is Mary trying to lick your hair? Damn it Mary, you need to stop that disgusting habit.

Gokhan, 80% of the work, 80%!


Svetlana, sorry I said "sorry". sorry ;)

Lisa, are you sure I can't sell you on the idea of a Republic of California? How about a Republic of San Jose?

Joan, whoa there!

Heinz, soooo how's that structural engineering stuff at R&C going? yeeeeeaaaah.

Shane, ArcE rules! MatLab rules! SAP2000 Rules! not.

Makesha, we still don't hang out enough! Jackass!

Bryan; dude, why are you so tall? I know they are not treating you well in Oakland. You should have never left the "city".

Ray, is that beer on your shirt? looks like somebody has been drinking too much.

Albert, it's been 12 years! We were just young padawans back then! Dude, I still want my Top Gun hat back! or step up! ha!

Maureen, yes I am the same age as you.

Mary and Guian

Dave, so what the hell is a "faux mohawk"? and stop staring at me all the time, then laugh.

gooooood! (in the voice of Palpatine)

This would be a good photo, if it was in focus! I bet Mary took it.


Jen and Shane

James, "you can be my cameraman any day"

Karen, gossip is always for sale ;)

Tracy, it'll turn out real good. And keep on backpacking!

Mary! enough said.

Clay, I can see it, I can see it, you will free yourself from the chains


Jaching, "baby! you alright in there?!"

Katy, I'm going to give you a nametag with my name on it :)


Joy, so you're moving to SoCal? shame on you! Just don't ever call Orange County, the O.C.!

Joycelyn, I have no idea what's going on here.

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