Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New York is my friend

Flight from San Francisco to New York-JFK took 8 hours. The flight map on the video screen looked like an Etch-a-Sketch from the plane circling all over Lake Michigan, from the plane not being allowed to go further east. Until we ran out of fuel and was forced drop out of the flight path and land in Chicago to fuel up. All this because of some lame thunderstorms over upstate New York.

I arrived in New York-JFK 4 hours late, thereby missing my London flight. All cross country flights into JFK were delayed or canceled. After very quietly waiting in a line for 3 hours, I'm next up for the ticket counter to get a rebooking. But then chaos forms. The angry mob of delayed passengers started to jump out of line and yelled as they rushed the ticket counters. I yelled at the employee guarding the
front of the line to stop them and repeatedly told her how many hours I've been in line. The calm Indian mother behind me goes ballistic and starts steaming at the American Airlines employee and others who were rushing the counters. The ticket agents are now also yelling.

After pushing and yelling my way through the angry mob, I got on another flight three hours later. Right before I board, I had just enough time to buy Advil for my splitting headache. I finally arrive in London's Heathrow airport. My checked-in bags didn't make it. Also, being that I arrived in London later than planned, I missed my
Glasgow, Scotland flight leaving out of Gatwick. No refunds or rebookings for a missed flight. I had to buy a new ticket, but this time it costed three times at much.

Still no word on my checked-in bag. American Airlines says they will send it to Glasgow when it arrives and until then, I only have a laptop, two cameras and three sticks of gum on me.

It's cool, New York is still a cool place (as I'm forcing myself to think that over and over in my head)

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