Sunday, January 21, 2007

Snorkeling around Weh Island

On the boat heading for Weh Island, seen in the distance.

Michelle at Mercy Corps arranged a day trip for snorkeling and diving around nearby Weh Island (Pulau Weh), so we had a boat load of expats from all different organizations. The locals who were running the boat sometimes didn't have it all together. When we were pulling away from the pier on some small island, they forgot to unhook the rope from the pier!! so we were backing up pretty fast and the rope was unraveling just as fast! good thing some saw it before either, the front part of the boat ripped off, or the dilapidated pier torn apart!

Leaving Banda Aceh

Approaching Weh Island

Lunch, grilled fish!

Fiona (Hong Kong Red Cross) enjoys the best seats on the boat, the roof!

Leaving Weh behind

Dolphin sighting

Our 1st snorkeling/diving spot!

Chilling on the ride back to Banda Aceh

Me and Alastair (UNDP)

Sunset over the Indian Ocean as we head for Sumatra and Banda Aceh

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