Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wrong Place at (almost) the Wrong Time

This photo of Piccadilly Circus was taken hours before the police found car bombs packed with propane tanks and nails. Of course, at the time, we didn't know the car bombs were ticking away within a block of us.

Unbelievable! We were hanging out in Piccadilly Circus (we took a day trip to London on Thursday), the 2nd link has a map. We were right there, in that same area, earlier that same day, little did we know! Guess it was due to the new PM in office.

getting too close!

Yahoo New

"Authorities said the bombs in both cars were similar and that each Mercedes had been abandoned in the same area near Piccadilly Circus. Had they exploded, at least hundreds of people would have been killed."


"Officers inspecting the car found 60 litres of petrol on the back seat, gas cylinders and containers holding nails inside, which could have caused significant injury or loss of life". The bomb was manually defused."

there's more...

Just after coming back from London with their unexploded bombs...

Today, as we were returning to Glasgow from a day trip to Stirling, I noticed as we were transferring trains in Glasgow Central Station, that it was crawling with armed police. our train is also delayed. Look up at the giant video screen and we see news images of Glasgow Airport on fire.

Glasgow Airport

Suicide bombers drove a flaming van packed with propane tanks and crashed into the airport terminal building. Luckily the propane tanks didn't explode, but it did set the building on fire. The bombers were wearing suicide belts and were running away in flames. (didn't quite get the suicide part right.) so weird, we were just at that airport so many times, trying to get my checked-in bags back from being lost in
the system when I arrived.

We've spend the rest of tonight trying to find a way for my buddy to get back home to california, since he's flying out of Glasgow Airport in less in a day and is in a wedding. The airport is closed until further notice.

Attacking Glasgow (and Scotland)? this is the most harmless city (and country) ever...


LA Times


Later, as I was driving two of the guys to Glasgow's smaller Prestwick Airport out in the boondocks, we past Glasgow Airport. From the motorway, you could see the burnt part of the terminal building -- the runway and streets quiet.

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