Sunday, May 11, 2008

Around town

Today I was able to see some of the town. The architect and I went to visit some of the school sites in Kabul. We also drove to some of the different areas in town. It's amazing, f--king amazing! I can't believe I'm here sometimes.

The Darulaman Palace, the old royal seat

This dude was stopping traffic so a Minister could exit his compound. The Minister isn't that nice of a guy either. His son was killed, which was bad, but then he sent his men out to kill 200 others in retaliation. And he's proud of it too.

Meat market, a real one, I'm not referring to Kabul's expat party scene.

Housing blocks

The Boys High School. A raft foundation is being dug. President Karzai studied here, so it's a high profile project.

Blown out building

The Soviet, I mean Russian Embassy. Speaking of, I've heard from my Pakistani colleague that many people now look back at the Soviet occupation of the 1980's in a little better light when compared to what followed. The government (or lack of) that came after the Soviets and before the Taliban did nothing to developed the country. It was anarchy, where warlords ruled the land, which in turn opened the door for the Taliban regime to move in the early 90's. At the very least, the Soviets tried to build up the country, cause the other two governments did jack squat. But then you got to look that Kabul's golden and stable age was the time after WW2 and before the Soviet invasion in 1979, so did the Soviets trigger this downward spiral by tearing the country apart with a ten year war?

The new Sardar Kabuli Girls High School. It's weird that I will be working with UNOPS again, but this time as USAID's advisor. I'm checking UNOPS' drawings and calculations for quality of design and meeting the US building codes.

The existing building on the Girls High School

Women on the street.

Melon shop. Most of these are imported from Pakistan

My office (near side), I share it with the QA Manager.

Albert! look what I found! Irn-Bru! in Kabul!

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