Sunday, May 11, 2008

US Embassy

I just came back from a meeting at the US Embassy, where USAID's main office is located. What a fortress.

After the meeting we walked back out to the round-a-bout, which is beyond the closed off access road, where we waited for our cars. Not the safest place to wait. Bunch of dressed up guys standing at an access point of the US Embassy in front of a busy round-a-bout, we looked like a prime target. As we were waiting, three black Ford Expeditions, with little weird radar thingys on the roofs and fully armed US military men in fatigues in the front seats, flew down the access road and entered the busy round-a-bout where they switched on their sirens. My colleague at UNOPS leaned over and said; "good, now they are the prime target". No pictures, cameras were not allowed.

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