Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Training Days I & II

Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

The day before the long holiday weekend (Indonesian Independence Day), I started all the construction supervisors on a seminar I thought up of, a hands-on training exercise to build a mock confined masonry wall. Since all the supervisors are new and young, all under the age 27, the youngest being 21. Build Change hired young, because they are uncorrupted, so they also haven't been able to see how a building is built from start to finish. I believe if they get their hands dirty and help build this wall, complete with foundation beam and columns that represents the major structural element of a house. It'll give them a better understanding on how the houses are put together and in what order, and most importantly, to know the difficulties and to look out for them.

Last Wednesday, which was the first day of training, went well. Everybody was in to it.

With Tety's help, we buy the rebar from the local shop.

Trying to show how it's done, the pressure's on.

Voila, a beam stir-up.

Irma gives it a try.

Pretty good.

Ijol gives it a try.


Putting the rebar cage together.

Today we finished what we started before the long five day weekend, the reinforcing steel in the columns. And then this afternoon we poured the concrete in the foundation beam. The supervisors pretty much did most all of the work themselves. We went over all the steps and what to look out for, and most importantly, explained why we do what we do. Though there were some issues on how to mix the concrete properly.

Nana admires the foundation beam / column connection.

Everybody, even Herman the driver, gets involved.

Nana ties a stir-up to the column bars.

Sayuthi ties one too.

Making sure the lap splice is right.

Into the formwork

Using our concrete spacers, we make sure there is enough clearing on all sides of the rebar cage.

Mixing the concrete Aceh style.

Pour it in, but make sure there is no air trapped inside.

Keep it coming...


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