Thursday, August 10, 2006

What's for Dinner?

Some people have asked me "So what do you eat there?" Many times, our driver picks up fried noodles for the staff for lunch. We can never find out where he gets it from, but the food is great and best of all, spicy! Tim has to order it with "no spicy". I shake my head in shame. Elizabeth, being a vegetarian, orders it without meat, but you rarely ever get it completely without meat. I sometimes go out to lunch with the staff. They take me to the local places, which I would never dare trying by myself.

For dinner, we either cook at home, pasta and some more pasta with marinara sauce (I know, real boring). We've ordered out pizza a few times, there is a place called Pizza House, that's alright. I know I know it's not Indonesian food. A few times we did go to the restaurant at the end of the street, it had some of the best Indonesian fried rice I've tasted. Most of the lunches are Indonesian, except when we go to that New York Deli/Starbucks place, which I don't go to much anymore since Tim has left to go back home (shhhh... he's the finicky eater).

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