Friday, August 25, 2006

Training Days III & IV

Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

Yesterday, we made the masonry wall. Elizabeth, being the expert on laying brick, demonstrated the correct way to do this. Again, everybody helped in constructing it, laying one course of bricks. And we even showed how to put the bed joint reinforcement in.

Elizabeth listens to a question as she sets up the leveling string.

Elizabeth marks the heights of each brick course.

Irma lays a course.

Wen lays a course.

Puting in the bed joint reinforcement. We are the only NGO that does this.

Elizabeth shows her stuff

Done, remember it's a mock wall, that's why it's so short.

Today we were suppose to cast the column, but when we all arrived at the site, the builders who were helping us already casted the corner column. So I had to go over what they would have had to do.

Irma wants to test out the wall, even though she must only be 90lbs

Job well done. We didn't cast the outer two columns due to time. And besides it's no differnt than the corner column.

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