Monday, December 18, 2006

5.8 and 5.5 Earthquakes in Banda Aceh

a simacast of my email:

I'll go ahead and write about this since people in the States are already hearing about it, and before I even got to the office! There were two "moderately" sized earthquakes late last night / early this morning here in Banda Aceh, I was dazed and confused, but I was sleeping then wakened by the jolting. I sat up on my bed and my heart paused. I was trying to decide if I should run out of the house, since it's made out of masonry, but it didn't. I sat there like I was stoned (I really wasn't). At work, Elizabeth has drilled it into my head that all the masonry in the gable was going to come crashing down on me. So during the quake, I was looking at the ceiling waiting to see bricks come crashing through, but they didn't. The oscillations slowed
down then sped back up. it was quit long, reminded me of the Loma Prieta quake. it must have lasted between 15 to 20 seconds. my housemate opened his door and yelled out "What the f--k?!" The good'o Sunda Fault. The epicentre was about 45 miles away, off the west coast.

Details of the EQ from the USGS

location of epicentre

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