Thursday, December 07, 2006


Paul holds up the disgusting fruit.

As requested, I'm posting this email:

So Paul and I walked all over town on Sunday, he just flew in from London and wanted to see the town. At one point we stopped at a fruit stand and he bought a fruit called a durian he wanted me to try. he's lived in Jakarta before and had it. (you can also find this fruit in thailand, malayisa and singapore) So of course being me, I said yes. After buying it he opened it and there were these big seeds with what looked like snot hanging off of it, and that's the part you eat. It smelled horrible!! Like rotting flesh! It had the most rancid smell ever! Then I tried it and almost gagged!! soooo sick!! I like most foods, but this is just wrong! But Paul loved it, and ate the rest of it with a big smile. Just watching him almost made me throw up all over the sidewalk and pass out in the gutter. And on top of it, it's a pretty costly fruit. Can cost up to $6 for each in some places, even thought we got it for a dollar.

one of the sellers shows me the fruit again!

Bottom line, THE most disgusting fruit EVER!!!

Wilkipedia says...

"The English novelist Anthony Burgess famously said that dining on durian is like eating vanilla custard in a latrine. Travel and food writer Richard Sterling says: '... its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock.'"

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