Thursday, December 14, 2006

Back in Singapore

I just arrived in Singapore for three days. I'm doing a Visa run. Interesting, as I was waiting in the taxi queue in the arrivals hall at the airport, I was staring mindlessly (it's midnight) at the backpack of the guy standing in front of me and noticed his id tag had a San Jose address on it. So I said, "sorry, I couldn't help to notice that you’re from San Jose -- I grew up there" he replied "yeah, I just moved there from Houston, you still live there?" "no, I just moved to Banda Aceh, Indonesia" "woeh!" must be a programmer, anyways, it was kind of cool meeting someone from my hometown.

God I forgot how clean this town is, even the Pan-Island Expressway from the airport to the city centre was a park like setting. Spotless, perfectly manicured hedges, big leafy shady trees.

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