Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day

Christmas day in Banda Aceh.

Go to the beach and swim.

The famous mosque which was in all the press photos right after the tsunami (see small photo below).

Photo by the Associated Press

It was the only standing building in the whole area. Everything was wiped out, only foundations were left. Today, you can see all the new trees that were planted after the tsunami.

Here Brad takes pictures of the palm trees that oddly were able to live when everything else was ripped out of the ground when the 15 foot wave slammed into the coast here. In the distance, you can see the red roofs of the Turkish Red Crescent’s houses. The Turkish Red Crescent spent a lot more money on each house than other NGO’s, but they were able to get them built faster. I haven’t been able to see their designs to know how it was built. Would be interesting.

Brad's "two hour wait" wood fired pizza.

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